5 Minute Family Home Evenings

You CAN do Family Home Evening with toddlers!

With three boys under 4, finding Family Home Evening material has been a struggle.  It's tough to find a wide variety of ideas for toddlers' short attention spansSometimes it feels like we're not getting anywhere.



With (sometimes) consistent effort and a lot of trial and error, my husband and I have found some lesson ideas that have really worked.  Each lesson meets these three criteria:



1) Most lessons are 5 minutes in length, with the option of extending it if your child's attention holds.
2) The lesson is part of a series, meaning a group of at least 4 lessons with the same theme are held in consecutive weeks, to have a sense of routine in the lessons.
3) Each week has a hands-on activity to reinforce the story of the lesson.



Click on "Lesson Series" in the toolbar to find the list of series.  Click on "links" to find links to the LDS music pages, Children's Songbook, Nursery manual, and Church scripture videos.  Feel free to use any of the ideas and materials on this website.  I also gladly welcome any ideas you have used that have met with success.



Take heart!  Children are but little sponges just waiting to soak up the gospel.